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At Redhouse Visuals we pride ourselves on not only the production value of our music video projects but also the extensive conceptualization of treatments and storyboards. Telling a story in a short video format, while sequencing the action to music is no easy task. At Redhouse we find our edge in having in-house directors with various degrees in Film Making, English and Creative Writing backgrounds.  Our goal is to approach each video with a distinct individuality while pushing the envelope in cinematic style, story telling and presentation. Redhouse is based in New York but serving clients throughout the United States and internationally.

Redhouse Visuals offers A-Z production on all photo shoot assignments. Our team of producers, photographers, behind-the-scene videographers, beauticians and stylists compound all the elements of the photo shoot into a single unit, making life easy for the talent and/or publication involved. Whether it’s an in-studio or on location shoot, Redhouse is adept at delivering dynamic images. Redhouse guarantees a smooth creative process from the inception of the mood boards/story boards to the capturing of the final look.


In an age where consumers crave unlimited access, a huge part of Redhouse Visuals’ wide array of services is our short form and long form documentaries. Whether an artist, entertainer, label or a company is looking for a three-minute web ready video or a full-length feature aimed at film festivals and theatres, Redhouse is well equipped to fulfill the needs of the piece. At Redhouse, we capture candid intimacy backed by vibrant narrative to make viewers feel like insiders.

      VLOG &

When producing celebrity interview features in a field that is highly saturated, production value is of the highest importance. Redhouse uses multi-camera interview set-ups in a non-intrusive manner that allows the celebrities to provide openness and forget they’re being recorded while taking part in their conversations. Top of the line audio equipment and sound engineering also ensure that not a word goes unheard in our interview productions and eliminates any distractions that plague many contemporary segments.



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