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Incorporated in 2016, Redhouse Visuals is a New York based collective of visual artists offering creative solutions catered towards the music and entertainment business.


The Redhouse team is a dynamic group of photographers, videographers and graphic designers who think outside the box. Each team member has unique experience in the realm of still photography, cinematography, motion graphics, digital artwork and more. Backing these creative minds is a diligent management team, led by a president with an MBA in Business Management.  

Whether it’s single/album artwork, promotional or editorial photo shoots, music videos, vlogs, documentaries, social media content, flyer design, or creative consultation, Redhouse has the resources at hand to bring any concept to life.

It is our goal at Redhouse Visuals to create win-win-win scenarios where the consumer, the content providers and the creators all walk away from each project satisfied. We’re able to accomplish this goal by maintaining a level of strict professionalism. The difference between Redhouse Visuals and many other art firms is that we put communication in the forefront of our client relations, we ensure quick turn-around times without compromising quality and we only take on projects we believe in passionately.

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