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"Anime," Merch Capsule


"I’ve never really connected with someone like I have with you. I can’t deny that. You know...I can’t act like those feelings aren’t real."


Meet West

Meet Anime

Meet Raheem

Meet Tyler

A contemporary, urban love story set in New York City about a hip-hop A&R (West) who meets a seemingly perfect love-interest (Anime) but must decide whether to accept the truth about her past  or risk watching his soulmate walk out of his life forever.

West is a Hip-Hop A&R at Atlantic Records looking to break the next big rap icon. West is frustrated with the conservative ways of the label and finds himself on the brink of making a huge career decision when he connects with Anime. West is a hopeless romantic but his male ego serves as an obstacle in his courtship of Anime.

Bronx, NYC native Tashan Steven Muldrow plays West. He recently featured on an episode of HBO's High Maintenance

Anime is a charismatic fashionista who is stuck working a dead-end retail job despite having graduated from the prestigious F.I.T. Anime is full of energy and could brighten any room but her eyes tell a different story then her ear-to-ear smile. Anime clearly has strong feelings for West but still moves forward cautiously, as if she’s been hurt a time or two before.  


Yvette Williams (Xenia, Ohio) plays Anime. Williams’ recent credits include I Feel Pretty, The First Purge & VH1’s The Breaks

Raheem is an afro-centric, record-label executive at Atlantic who is the co-worker and best friend of West. Raheem serves as a sounding board for West throughout his relationship and depending on what day of the week it is he may be the angel or the devil on his shoulder.  


New Jersey Native Guyviaud Joseph plays Raheem and also serves as a producer on the project. Joseph’s recent credits include Power, Blue Bloods & John Wick 2.

Tyler is a goofy, overzealous intern at Atlantic Records. Tyler works under both Raheem and West, which affords him a seat at the table. Tyler’s enthusiasm for the job sharply contrasts the positions of both West and Raheem who are no longer wowed by anything they see. 


Cory Saint-Laurent plays Tyler and has recently worked on projects such as Crown Heights, After Hours & Lost Pharm. Laurent is a native of Long Island, NY. 

Executive Producer

Greg Cally


Isaac Thesatus

Director of Photography

Snyder Derival


Jose del c Martinez

Executive Producer

Mack Wilds


Guyviaud Joseph

Musical Supervisor

Wendell Hanes

Audio Mixer

Joe Cantor

A word from our director:

“Anime,” is the real-life love story that hasn’t yet made it to the parallel universe that is Hollywood. Our mid-length feature film breaks maybe every formatting rule in the book as far as the festivals or studios are concerned but its current composition is the authentic length of the narration. The duration of our picture’s arch is as imperfect as any relationship. The same anxiety I faced as a filmmaker deciding whether to lengthen or shorten the film to meet industry standards is the same despair our couple finds themselves in when they must decide between modern practicality and what feels right. What would you choose?  

-Greg Cally

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