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Greg Cally is an African-American Director/Screenwriter/Producer whose recent film production credits include Dwyane Wade’s ESPN feature film documentary “Wade: Life Unexpected,” his award winning short film, “Fifteen,” the Tidal exclusive mini-series, “After Hours,” his award winning mid-length feature film “Anime,” and HBO Vice’s Emmy Award winning documentary “Raised In The System.” Greg Cally is also the CEO of Redhouse Visuals, which is a production house offering creative solutions for all visual needs.  Cally has a Bachelor's degree in English from Queens College. He attributes much of his success and cinematic style to the fusion of his strong writing background and his eye for detail.


From 2018-2020, Cally served as a producer on Dwyane Wade’s “Wade: Life Unexpected,” documentary distributed by ESPN and produced by Ron Howard’s Imagine Productions. Cally came on board alongside director Bob Metelus in pre-production and helped build a narrative from over ten years of catalogued footage. 


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The Screen Actors Guild recently selected the short film “Fifteen,” for their 2020 SAG-AFTRA Short Film Showcase. Cally wrote, produced, edited and directed the film which premiered during the 2019 American Black Film Festival in Miami, Florida. The film also was nominated for two awards at the Newark International Film Festival. Cally has written a feature film of the same name which he is currently shopping. In 2019, Cally hit the film festival circuit with his mid-length feature film “Anime,” which also won an award at the Newark International Film Festival. The film is slated for independent release in 2020. 

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Cally served as the Director of Photography of Tribeca Film Festival’s 2019 Spotlight Documentary, “Charlie’s Records,” which told the story of legendary calypso music producer Rawlston Charles and his improbable success after immigrating to America. In 2018, HBO Vice’s critically acclaimed documentary “Raised in the System,” won an Emmy Award, after premiering earlier that same year. Award winning actor Michael K. Williams handpicked Cally to join the production team deeming his creative writing background and unique perspective as a storyteller invaluable to the project. Cally traveled alongside the crew to multiple inner cities with high crime rates throughout America to dissect the flaws of our criminal justice system, with emphasis on juvenile detention. 



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In 2017, Cally directed, wrote, produced, and edited “After Hours,” which premiered on Tidal in April 2017 to great acclaim. NBC News dubbed the work “an experience that becomes a tableaux of New York’s current culture,” and “a piece of work that is timeless.” Now in 2020 and beyond, Cally is dedicated to continuing to tell dynamic and authentic stories through the film and television mediums, while creatively pushing boundaries.



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